TWEAK Development Roadmap

The characteristics of each stage of TWEAK development in the foreseeable future.

0.8.x series (2003/2004)

Unstable development releases.

0.9.0 (25 July 2008)

Major update, bringing TWEAK up-to-date.

0.9.x series (2008)

Minor updates to polish TWEAK off ready for 1.0.

1.0 (2008)

Stable release.

1.0.x series

Stable releases. Predominantly bug fixes, with other minor updates as required. Behaviour of existing functionality is frozen, unless updates are especially necessary. This means you can rely on the 1.0.x series to not intentionally break anything you're relying upon. Updates which change existing functionality should instead appear in the 1.1 series and beyond.

1.1-dev-x series

Unstable releases with major changes and new features again in development toward a stable 1.1.0 release series. A 'tweak-dev' file release will be created at SourceForge for people who want to follow this series, leaving 'tweak' file releases at SourceForge for people following stable releases.


The 1.1 series will break compatability with the 1.0 series, such as with the versions of applications configured or the shortcuts supported.

Windows 2000 support will be dropped.

1.1.x series

Stable releases.