Inventory of tools worth carrying for computer support


This inventory is tools worth having on you if you travel around doing computer support. You'd want a more extensive kit in your workshop.


Ultimate Boot CD




GParted Live

Computer hardware

ATA 66 hard disk ribbon cable

Two short lengths of twisted pair (10BASE-T, CAT5) network cable with a gender changer

CR2032 batteries

For motherboards and other devices.

US male to UK female telephone connector converter

US male to US male telephone cable

Hand tools

Crosshead/Phillips #2 screwdriver

With magnetised end for picking screws out the bottom of poorly designed computer cases. Have to be careful to keep that magnetised end away from CRT monitors and floppy disks though.

Flat head screwdriver


Akasa TIM-clean

For cleaning heat transfer compound from CPUs

lint free cloth

For cleaning CDs, CRT monitors, CPUs etcetera.


Bent paper clip

For sticking into the hole on the front of CD and DVD drives to get the disc to eject when the doors broken. Its also a fairly versatile tool for unexpected uses.


For cleaning CRT monitor glass, round and round in ever increasintg circles with the lint free cloth.

Masking tape

A multi-purpose tool; for writing names of devices and instructions on and pasting to them.

Electronic tools

Laptop or netbook computer


Cable tester