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To clarify the different software categories, checkout the GNU Project's www / local 'Categories of Free and Non-Free Software' www / local

Software licencing terms that will apply to you

Software falls under the particular licencing restrictions imposed by the authors of that software.  To help you understand their licencing terms, most people licence their software within these categories:

Conventions Used


Advice for Installing Software

General Tips

Software Incompatibilities With Specific Versions Of Windows

Some software authors don't claim their software is compatible with various versions of Windows when it could potentially be because they haven't the resources to test it with these versions of Windows. We know of the following:

Some software authors provide specific versions for particular versions of Windows, some of these aren't on disc 1

As many software applications cease their support for Windows 95, we're only retaining older copies of such applications where it is plausible people would use that functionality on Windows 95, for example a word processor would be retained but not server software.