Name: Zinf
(Zinf Is Not FreeAmp)
Description: audio player (for atleast MP3, WAV and OggVorbis formats)
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Options -> General -> File Associations -> Ask before reclaiming music file associations - off
[HKCU\Software\Zinf\Zinf v2.2\Main]

Options -> Themes -> Theme Selection ->  The Windows 'Classic' look and feel of 'Windows Standart' is a good generic choice for most people wanting Zinf to blend in with other applications; likewise try 'Luna' for Windows XP
[HKCU\Software\Zinf\Zinf v2.2\Main]

Options -> Folders -> Save Music Folder - change from the inappropriate default of D:\programs\Zinf\My Music to something like 'My Documents': F: or H:
[HKCU\Software\Zinf\Zinf v2.2\Main]
"SaveMusicDirectory"="F:" (doesn't understand environment variables)

Options -> Folders -> Watch these folders for new music - off
[HKCU\Software\Zinf\Zinf v2.2\Main]

change these also?
[HKCU\Software\Zinf\Zinf v2.2\Main]

[HKCU\Software\Zinf\Zinf v2.2\Main]

[HKCU\Software\Zinf\Zinf v2.2\Main]

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