Application Name
Subject Area
Operating System(s) available for
Software Dependencies
Hardware Dependencies
Licencing Types
Spoken languages supported
Author and contact details
Related Software
Standards Supported
Email addresses for support
WWW Info/Download
FTP Download
bug/issue database

Email addresses for discussion
Email addresses for announcements
Usenet discussion / support

IRC discussion / support
Freely Distributable?
Saves Icons to
Files Copied to and Location
Keeps Log of Changes Installer Made in
Location of uninstaller(s)
Keeps a log file in
Registry areas used (HKLM/Software or HKCU/Software)
Cache characteristics
Command-Line Switches
Advice for when installing
Preference location(s)
[1] own profile
[2] Windows profile directory / self definable
[3] registry

Means of pre-configuring for multiple users
[1] own automated means of pre-config
[2] put in Default User (may have to point there too)
[3] create .reg file or run application and set prefs for template user account, both of which are manual tasks

Do preferences contain any user-specific data?
Preferences worth making (using application)
Preferences worth making (using preference file, if appropriate) and version number they apply to
Preferences worth making (using registry file, if appropriate) and version number they apply to
from template version 3.1