Name: Ogg Vorbis
Description: free, open and unpatented compressed digital audio format. alternative to the non-open MPEG1 Layer 3 (MP3)
Subject Area: multimedia
Operating System(s): Windows; Unix,GNU/Linux; Macintosh; BeOS
Required System Files / dependencies:
Required Hardware:
Licensing Types: GNU GPL and BSD
Languages Available:
Author / Organisation: Xiphophorus (
Mail Address and Tel:
Email Contact(s):
Related Software: Icecast (
Standards Supported:
WWW Info/Download: user: or developer:
the Ogg project (
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Freely Distributable? yes

amends Windows registry? . includes an installer? . . .
Registry Settings of Note:
Registry Permissions Reqd [WinNT]:
Saves Icons to:
Files Copied & Location:
Log of Changes Installer Made:
Behaviour in Windows NT Multi-User Environment:
Config / ini / Preference File(s):
settings worth making:

Command-Line Switches:
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