Name: EAC - Exact Audio Copy
Description: compact disc digital audio extraction (CD DAE)
the Holy Grail in CD copying software. the tricky part of copying audio CDs and getting a quality sound reproduction is in extracting the audio from the original CD. all other software we have tried cannot manage this, resulting in cracks and pops in the sound. this software focuses on this one task and thru thorough extraction methods and an understanding of the many characteristics of a CD-R or CD-ROM that can be used to this end that only this software seems to employ and does Exact Audio Copy achieve the best quality we have heard, tho it is not perfect (extractions are not always without cracks and pops), they happen far less often, imperfections are far less drastic and you are informed as to where they are and are able to let the software remove the glitches. writing the files extracted by EAC to a new CD can be done with more general CD writing software, or it can be done with later beta versions of this software.
Subject Area: \multimed.ia\digital-audio-extraction
Version: 0.9 prebeta
Operating System(s): atleast Windows 95, 98
Licensing Types: cardware (freeware)
Author / Organisation: Andre Wiethoff
geographic location:
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Notes: -currently in development, at beta stage, a solid beta test version is released from the web site. there is an email discussion group for the software, and if you subscribe to it you are informed when and where more unstable beta versions are released in-between the stable versions.
-configuring of the software needs to be done to suit your particular CD-R, some of this is done automatedly by the software (you just push the right buttons to set it going) and some of it you must make choices. atleast the following needs to be addressed:
  • EAC / Drive Options / Extraction Method / Detect Drive Features
  • EAC / Drive Options / Drive / Autodetect read command now
  • EAC / Drive Options / Offset/Speed / Detect sample offset / Gap/Index retrieval method
  • EAC / Drive Options / Gap Detection / Detection accuracy
  • EAC / Drive Options / Writer / Write samples offset
  • EAC / EAC Options / General / Disable 'CD Autostart' for audio and data CDs while EAC running
then to copy a CD, you might take the following action (there are other ways of doing it):
  • select the tracks you want to copy in the main window
  • Action / Detect Gaps
  • Action / Leave out gaps
  • Action / Copy Selected Tracks

  • create a directory name, move into that directory, save the audio tracks there