Configuring System BIOS

These settings cover different generations of equipment, and some motherboards offer more settings than others, so not all will be available in any one machine and sometimes you may have to apply a little creative thought to apply the wording used here to your situation.

As much as is possible for the way the computer is to be used, you should aim to disable unwanted onboard resources: serial / parallel / sound / modem / infrared / game port / USB so as to free resources and achieve a minor performance gain.

Upgrading System BIOS

Before configuring the existing system BIOS, check the motherboard manufacturers' web site for an updated version. If an update is available and it fixes worthwhile probelms then its probably worth installing

Standard CMOS Features

Advanced BIOS Features

Advanced Chipset Features

Integrated Peripherals

PnP/PCI Configuration

Power Management Setup

Frequency/Voltage Control

more things to guard against USB problems (especially with VIA chipsets)


For Pentium 4 CPUs with hyperthreading under Windows 2000, turn it off