Name: Audacity
Description: multi-track audio editor

Subject Area: audio
Operating System(s): many

Required System Files / dependencies:
Required Hardware:
Licensing Types:
Languages Available:
Author / Organisation:
Mail Address and Tel:
Email Contact(s):
Related Software: CoolEdit; GoldWave
Standards Supported:
WWW Info/Download:
FTP Download:
Email Discussion:
Email Announce List:
Usenet Discussion:

IRC Discussion:
Freely Distributable?
Saves Icons to:
Files Copied & Location:
Keeps Log of Changes Installer Made in:
%userprofile% entries created:
HKLM/Software entries created: no
HKCU/Software entries created: yes
Preference location(s): HKCU
cache characteristics:
Per-user characteristics
(i.e. creates HKCU / %userprofile% entries as required; any problems):

location of uninstaller(s):
Preferences Worth Making:
file -> Preferences
Directories -> Temp Directory
Command-Line Switches:
Locations Of Activity Records:

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