Name: Archive Peek
Description: searches thru multiple archives for a specific or range of files.
searches thru multiple archives (of formats: ZIP, RAR, LZH, ARJ, ZOO, PAK, ARC, TAR, SQZ, HYP, WAD, GRP and CAB) for specific or a range of files within them. for example this is essential when Windows loses a file in a crash and you have to find it again from the original disks where it resides, buried, nearly untraceable, in one of the many archives (or .CAB files). In such instances you can tell Archive Peek the filename and it will search thru all the .CAB files in a specific directory, showing in which archives the file you seek is.
doesn’t need installing, just copy to a directory or run from the CD.
Subject Area: \utils\archival
Version(s): 2.2
Operating System(s): win95,98,NT
Licensing Types: freeware
Author / Organisation: Javier Thaine
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Freely Distributable? yes
Disk Space Reqd.: <1mb
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