Name: Arachnophilia
Description: html editor
Subject Area: \internet\web-authoring
Version:  4.0 (build 5278)
Operating System(s): win95,98,NT
Licensing Types: careware (freeware)
Author / Organisation: Paul Lutus
Geographic Location:
Email Contact(s):
WWW Info/Download:
FTP Download:
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Email Announce List:
Usenet Discussion:
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Freely Distributable? yes
Disk Space Reqd.:
Related Software:
Notes: Arachnophilia associates with the following DLL files. these are all downloadable from the arachnophilia web site
(probably) in the version numbers specified. allthough newer versions exist, they may not be appropriate. for an explanation see Paul Lutus' DLL essay either locally: (\docs\windows\dll_essay-by-paul-lutus) or at (
DLL file name version
riched32.dll * 4.00.993.4?
wininet.dll * 4.70.1157?
msvcrt40.dll * 4.10.6038?
msvcrt.dll * 4.20.6201?
oleaut32.dl + 2.30.4261?
olepro32.dll + 5.0.4261?
advapi32.dll + 4.80.1675?
mfc42.dll 4.2.6068?

* = Included in the Arachnophilia Full Download
+ = Sometimes fixes reported errors