The Windows Toolbox - Documents

Background information for the Windows Toolbox

Documents Guide - how to draw all these documents together to help you setup desktop computer systems with Windows

'Configuring system BIOS'

Windows software installation order - list of what to install to build a well equipped system, from device drivers and operating system updates to useful utilities and minor and major applications - for Windows 95 / 98 / 2000

Configuring Windows for performance, usability and security - for Windows 95,98 and Me or 2000 and XP

'configuring Windows 2000 for multiple users (on a single machine)'

(We don't cover Windows Server as we use Samba on GNU/Linux instead (a better tool for this critical job) which is covered in our GNU/Linux Toolbox)

'Configuring Printers'

'PC hardware technical specification form' - helps you document the hardware within a PC, which is essential when upgrading either its hardware or software - available as a PDF for viewing or a PDF for printing

'Systems software technical specification form': [wonky PDF] [SDW] [DOC] - helps you document a computer's software configuration, which is important to have a record of

forthcoming... 'unattended Windows installation' (here's our sample winnt.sif file for Windows 2000)

'Pre-Configuring Mozilla' - tuning Mozilla for optimum use and saving that as the default configuration for multiple users and/or profiles

'choosing file formats' - moving to Microsoft Office alternatives whilst remaining in touch with those who haven't done so

'setting up a database program based on MySQL' - an alternative to Microsoft Access

'configuring the Mercury Mail Transport System' - how to manage email for any number of people who're using the Pegasus Mail client

'CD writing techniques' - on older systems especially, it can be a bit of a Black Art; this should get you through

'hard disk backup' - backing up your system to a seperate partition on the same or another hard disk, for fast restoration

'obtaining and configuring dial-up Internet access and email' - setting up (using ConnectFree as an example) and access information for different ISPs

making information scalable

'keeping track of Windows keeping track of you'