Roaming Computing System (Windows Edition) 3 - OpenOffice



Native language pack for Novell's OpenOffice (Go-OO).


OpenOffice / 3.2.0-13

Variant We may or may not need the corresponding language pack to match the OpenOffice <version>-<revision>, I don't yet know.
Version / 3.2.0-13
Installed to Workstation
Dependencies OpenOffice
WPKG package.xml example page
AppDeploy page
Install format
Any installer files preparation
  • Extract GoOo-langpack-en-GB-<version>-<revision>exe
  • We get the uninstall string (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall) from setup.ini. For example 3.2.0-10 is 68AE25FB-90BC-486D-9F48-8EFED07D42B1; 3.2.0-12 is B0111E47-DC7C-4350-B115-D506D2CC909F; 3.2.0-13 is DCD149DE-0FBA-49D0-A482-062579B8B9B5
Installation Instructions We install into the default of C:\program files\ 3\ because of an issue with the langpack
Release Notes
Silent Installation and uninstallation

msiexec /qb /package "<MSI installer>"

msiexec /qb /uninstall {<install string>}


Unzipping the .exe installer using Ubuntu gives a few directories made up of odd characters, which is OK you can just pul out the files you need, but to save confusion unzip on Windows.

Issues with the software in our system Installs into C:\program files\ 3\ and nothing else so we have had to install OpenOffice into there too and change user desktop shortcuts accordingly.
  • Doesn't check where openoffice is installed, which is in c:\program files\\
  • We created a new transform, with Orca, in the recommended way, which made no change
  • When manually applied that transform, that worked but the installer behaviour remained the same
  • When create new MSI with installation directory changed but installer behaviour still remained the same