Roaming Computing System (Windows Edition) 4.1

A complete computing system for an organisation. This version is currently receiving security updates.

Workstations use Windows XP (SP3, 32-bit) with the following software:

The server uses Debian 4.0 'Etch', a Linux operating system (or 5.0 'Lenny' if mail server not required). The Windows domain is provided by Samba 3.0.24. Print serving (optional) is provided by CUPS 1.2.7 and Samba. Mail serving is provided by Postfix 2.3.8, Dovecot 1.0 POP3/IMAP and SASL, AMaViS 2.4.2, Clam AntiVirus 0.93.1*, SpamAssassin 3.2.3*, Squirrelmail 1.4.9a and Virtual Mail Manager 1.7. Desktop software auto deployment is provided by WPKG 1.3.0.

The firewall appliance uses pfSense 2.0.3*.

* and later through our security updates. ** and later through automatic updates.


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