Peach Sky

As the sun melts and settles
     fishermen and friends
                stand and sit upon the stained and smelling cobbles
           captured for all their eternity
       against a sky of
                       clean peach
Upon the canvas of which
                they're delicate and detailed
         pondering the evening
 or pretending to be peaceful
               in the liquid air
listening to the indecipherable chatter
        of the passing clouded crowd
   that keeps up momentum like a river
               without destination
                       only vague course
The green lamp post,
              staring time out
        also has a place
           upon the peach sky
   as do
      the stray wisps of hair
          upon the head
            of the stillly sat girl
    who presumably
along with the fishing men and lamp post
          put thought upon thought
    for how,
              could one not?

Porto, Portugal, 5th August 1994

From 'Tall Ships'