Miscellaneous Computing Documents

ADSL Modems and Internet Access In The UK - setup and troubleshooting

Drupal 5 Guide - installing, configuring, maintaining and using Drupal series 5 and Drupal modules on Debian GNU/Linux (unfinished)

Co-operation versus capitalism - an introduction to Free software (2003)

"I'm not sure why people are surprised by flips in corporate policy, any more than we are surprised by flips of politicians. Corporations have a duty to their shareholders. Their job is to make money. If the opportunities present themselves, they will, and should, change their views. They are not institutions of public policy. And they don't deserve the attack that would befall an institution of public policy that so radically, and transparently, switched sides.
But the other side of this obvious point is that we should not treat what corporations say is good public policy as what is good public policy. We should treat them as statements by individuals who are required by law to be self-serving. This is not just "bias" - this is legally mandated bias."

from The Future of Ideas by Lawrence Lessig