Printer Configuration

JetDirect print server configuration
Installing the printer driver
You can install the printer driver first (don't know if this is a better way of installing the driver though, compared with pointing to it from within the connecting to the printer dialog). Use either Start -> Settings -> Printers -> Add Printer or run the executable setup program from where the printer driver is located.

With Epson printers, the Epson Status Monitor software may not be required if you're printing through a networked printer, and may be troublesome anyway, in which case it can be removed from the
All Users/Start Menu/Programs/Startup directory

Print server configuration
Set permissions so that users don't have permission to change the printer configuration, so that they can't change the settings that are then changed for everyone else

Connecting to the printer (and installing the printer driver)
printing direct

printing through a print server
Navigate to the computer acting as print server then to its printer, right-click and choose 'connect'

Printer Driver Configuration